Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Obama Inauguration Most Watched Since Reagan

Poor Barry can't beat out Ronnie's numbers.

According to Nielsen, Barack Obama's hyped up, historical first, words to be chiseled in marble, inauguration still couldn't beat out Ronald Reagan's numbers.

Obama - 37.8 million
Reagan's 1st - 41.8 million

Obama Oath<Reagan Oath

But consider what an achievement that is for a moment. In 1981 (Reagan's 1st inauguration) there was no 24 hour news building up Ronnie for months and he had 80 million fewer Americans to draw from because of the population growth over the past 28 years! And day of the week wasn't a factor because January 20th was a Tuesday in '09 and '81!

And within minutes of Reagan taking the oath, Iran released 52 American hostages. THAT's change we can believe in!

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