Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Democrats Prove Their Lack of Patriotism

Democrats constantly whine that Republicans are accusing them of being unpatriotic. Here are just a couple of examples of their cries.

In 2002, then Senate Majority Leader Daschle accused the Bush administration of questioning the Democrats' patriotism when the Senate dragged it's feet in passing legislation establishing the Department of Homeland Security.

In 2003, Sens. Daschle, Kennedy, and Biden all accused a Republican-sponsored ad of questioning the patriotism of Democrats.

Usually the Republicans are simply stating what the Democrats stand for, when, upon hearing it, Democrats realize that their position actually is the less-patriotic position. Fearing the American people will see this too, Democrats accuse Republicans of attacking their patriotism.

I mean, seriously, how could anyone question a Democrat's patriotism?

No Salute

But during the first couple of weeks of the Obama administration, Democrats have done more to prove their lack of patriotism, than they have been able to accomplish in the 7 years they have spent defending those who would like to kill as many Americans as possible in hopes for some virginal loving.

It all started back during the 2008 campaign when Vice President Joe Biden gave these remarks.

Since then, three Obama appointees have been found to have tax problems in their past. For one of them, Nancy Killefer, the specter of a mere $1,000 tax problem was enough for her to withdraw her name for consideration.

We have had learned that former Senator Tom Daschle, and Secretary of Health and Human Services to the Obama administration, failed to pay $140,000 in taxes due to a "mistake." The Washington Post questioned his willingness to pay the taxes after discovering the "mistake" saying,
"The six-month delay between Mr. Daschle's recognition of the problem and his filing amended returns raises questions about whether he would have addressed the problem had he not been nominated for a Cabinet post."

Daschle withdrew his name from consideration on today. But the real reason might be that his nomination wasn't nearly ironic enough.

Enter Mr. Irony himself, Timothy Geithner, whose failure to pay $35,000 in self-employment taxes even though he worked for the International Monetary Fund, which informed him each quarter of his tax burden and provided him a reimbursement check for the amount due. There are also signed forms that state he understood his responsibility and would pay the taxes. He claimed he didn't realize he needed to pay the self-employment tax.

Geithner also claimed that Turbo Tax did not allow him to accurately report his earnings as self-employment earnings.

The guy was the freakin' president of the Federal Reserve in New York and was doing his taxes with Turbo Tax? And didn't know that he was responsible for self-employment tax?

So, where do you think Obama chose to put this gem of financial genius?

Timothy Geithner is, of course, the Secretary of the Treasury, which means he is in charge of... wait for it...

The I.R.S.

You know them. They're the guys who show up if you don't pay your taxes.

So do the Democrats lack patriotism? By Joe Biden's own standards, yes they do, in fact, lack patriotism.

I'll let former Senator Daschle explain why.

And that's change we can believe in.

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  1. YOU are SO on target! I'm ready to start questioning the patriotism of every Democrat I meet.