Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Newsweek: We're All Socialists Now

Newsweek has declared the victory of socialism in America after only three weeks of Obama policies.

This article begins to draw the comparisons between the course the United States appears to be taking and France.

You may recall that the Obama campaign fought to keep charges of socialism and Marxism at bay after Joe the Plumber asked his perfectly legitimate question and Obama accidentally tipped his socialist hand trying to answer.

In response to this average citizen's critique the Obama Chicago attack machine went into action, thus we all know more about some random plumber that we probably know about our own plumbers all because he dared to ask Obama a question.

Then the campaign completely cutoff WFTV for asking Joe Biden this series of questions.

The qestion that caused the most flack was, "How is Barack Obama not a Marxist?" But I beleive the more relevant question for today, in light of the current Newsweek headline is what Mrs. West asked Biden next in the video.

She asked, "What do you say to those who are concerned that Barck Obama will want to turn the United States into a socialist country much like Sweden?"

Biden responded saying, "I don't know anyone who thinks that except for the far-right wing of the Republican party."

Lucky for Biden that West used Sweden as an example rather than France, otherwise Newsweek would have made Biden a liar!

Liberal playbook: Socialism on the campaign trail = bad, Socialism once you win = good.

Is that change we can believe in?

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