Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Obama - Good in Speeches; Not Good on Promises

I'm about to say something that is not very common among conservative blogs or among my conservative friends. But here it goes...

Barack Obama's "Yes, We Can" speech is potentially one of the great speeches of my lifetime.

Yes, I know it's a lot of rhetoric and hype. And I also know that it probably would not have gained much attention were it not for will.i.am's re-packaging.

But Obama is a damn fine speaker especially when compared to the speeches that we've sat through for the last eight years with George W. Bush. However, W blows him out of the water with the impromptu speeches sometimes.


The words a man chooses to speak are important, but not so important as his commitment to see those words put into action. King's dream came true. Kennedy's moon came within reach. Reagan's wall came down.

The Pledge: President Barack Obama pledged to have no lobbyists in his administration.

The Failure: Only a few days later he had nominated two lobbyists.

The Pledge: Obama also pledged to have the most ethical administration ever in this "new era of responsibility."

The Failure: He appointed 3 tax cheats to cabinet level positions. And one of them, Timothy Geithner, now runs the IRS! Ethical, indeed.
UPDATE: As of this afternoon there are allegations that Rham Emanuel may have some trouble for back taxes as well because of some rent-free housing he was given. This brings the total to four appointments by Obama that have had problems with back taxes.

The Pledge: Obama promised to have an "open and transparent" government saying, "meetings will be open to the public" and that he would allow five days for the public to review a bill before it goes into place. (start at the 2:00 mark.)

The Failure: The recent so-called stimulus bill was rushed through committee, shutting Republicans, in addition to the rest of the American public, out of the discussion, and then rushed to a vote. Obama, along with Pelosi and Reid, was one of the strongest voices pushing for the hurry-up-and-vote campaign.

The Pledge: Obama insisted that there were no earmarks in the stimulus package. (Skip to 5:30.)

The Failure: The bill was ONLY earmarks.

There are two conclusions that one must come to when presented with these facts:
  1. Either Barack Obama is chronically wrong about things and is forced to backpedal.
  2. Or he says one thing on stages in front of crowds and does another when he gets to the decision-making process in the Oval Office.

The reality of these two conclusions, however, is that neither of them represents change we can believe in.

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