Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Style Over Substance: Why Jindal's Rebuttal Fell Short

As a huge supporter of Gov. Bobby Jindal, I'll reluctantly admit that his rebuttal last night lacked style especially in contrast to Barack Obama's always-good-with-a-teleprompter abilities. And as 53% of the voting public proved to us on November 4, 2008, pretty speeches count for a whole lot more than the words that are included in said speeches.

But a hollow instrument often sounds beautiful, and the facts from last nights Address to Congress (not the State of the Union until next year), prove illustrate this well. According to AP Fact Check, Obama was mistaken or lying on several points from his speech last night.

Unfortunately, for the Republican party, America doesn't seem to care if a politician tells lies or if he throws the 10th Amendment under the bus at every turn. They care if he sounds nice when he says it.

The content of Jindal's speech was great, but it's packaging was lacking. In the current political climate style wins out over substance. If people listen to what Bobby Jindal said, then America has a bright future. If they are more taken with how Obama spoke, then our economy, liberty and even our founding documents are at risk.

But I fear America values style over substance.

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