Tuesday, March 10, 2009

3 Indications That Barack Obama Hates England

Last week we gained some valuable insight on how the Obama administration intends to interact with the United Kingdom. Unfortunately for us and for our nation's closest ally in the world, the relationship is beginning to sour, not because of anything the British government has done, but because of how the Obama administration has treated the United Kingdom.

Individually, these events look petty and isolated, but when you consider them together, it appears that Barack Obama might actually have some level of hatred directed at the British government. Here are three indications that Barack Obama Hates England.

1. The Churchill Bust
After the attacks of September 11, 2001, the British government, led by then Prime Minister Tony Blair gave the United States a bronze bust of Sir Winston Churchill on loan as a symbol of our strong historical relationship and our continued strength together for the future. President George W. Bush displayed the bust in a special place in the Oval Office for the next seven years.

After President Obama's inauguration, the British government contacted the White House to inform the newly elected president that they would like to continue the loan as a sign of lasting support between allies.

Obama responded with, "Thanks, but no thanks."

Needless to say the British press was outraged, but little did they know that this was just the beginning of the insults they would receive within the next few days.

2. 25 American DVD's
When Prime Minister Brown visited the White House last week, he came bearing gifts that exemplified the new administration and symbolized a continued connection between the United Kingdom and the United States. Brown's gifts to Obama were:
  • A pen-holder carved from the timbers of the anti-slavery vessel, the HMS Gannet
  • A framed commission for the HMS Resolute, the sister ship of the HMS Gannet
  • A first-edition of Martin Gilbert's seven-volume biography of Winston Churchill
  • Six British children's books for Sasha and Malia that have not been published in the US
  • Sasha and Malia also received an outfit from Topshop, an up-scale clothing chain in Britain
A short history lesson is in order here to help understand how meaningful these gifts really are.

The HMS Resolute was a British exploration vessel that became lodged in Arctic ice in 1852. After several months, the crew secured the ship, which was still stuck in the ice, and abandoned it in order to return home. In 1855, the United States discovered the ship 1,200 miles from where it was abandoned, removed it from the ice and restored the Resolute in order to make it seaworthy. In 1856, the United States returned the Resolute to England as a gesture of goodwill and peace.

In 1880, the British government presented the United States with a desk crafted from the timbers of the HMS Resolute, known as the Resolute Desk. A second desk was crafted from the timbers and the British government gave it to the widow of the man who was instrumental in returning the Resolute to England, Henry Grinnell.

The desks have long been a symbol of peace and camaraderie between the American and British governments.

The Obama's gave
  • 25 DVD's of American movies
  • 2 Plastic models of Marine One Helicopters for the Prime Minister's sons
There is relatively no significance to the 25 movies given by the Obama's in that they represent the first 25 movies on the American Film Institute's Top 100 movies list. If you need a translation: it took no thought at all.

It was particularly thoughtless, however, now that news has surfaced that Prime Minister Brown is completely blind in one eye and is rapidly losing his sight in the other eye.

To put this in context, it would be as if Churchill himself had shown up with a skateboard for Franklin Roosevelt.

The Obama's gifts were thoughtless at best and cruel at worst.

3. The Administration's Response to the Gift Gaffe
The British Press questioned US officials over the less than stellar meeting between the two heads of state. The gifts were one issue, but the Obama Administration failed to host the Prime Minister at a formal dinner, nor did he receive the usual joint press conference that the British government has come to expect during visits to the United States.

The Obama administration responded to questions with the following statement
"There's nothing special about Britain. You're just the same as the other 190 countries in the world. You shouldn't expect special treatment."
Um... Excuse me? Nothing special? The British government has been our strongest ally in the world for almost two centuries. Our people share a special bond through the history of our nation. We've fought, bled, and died together. American blood has been shed for British freedom and British blood has been shed to protect Americans.

Forget the DVD's and the bust and the improper protocol during the Prime Minister's most recent visit. All of that can be overlooked, but this statement that specifically places the United Kingdom on the same footing as backwards, terrorist breeding grounds, such as Saudi Arabia and Iran, must be challenged and corrected.

So does Barack Obama hate England for some reason? Review the evidence the administration has displayed so far and judge for yourself.

Update: A Royal Screw-up - Obama gives iPod of his own speeches to the Queen of England

Update 2: Welcome to everyone from Moonbattery!


  1. The UK tortured Obama's grandpappy. With that in consideration I think his response to the UK was most restrained.

    It's not like he declared war on the UK like his predecessor did on a country who had tried to hurt his father. The UK actually DID hurt Obama's Grandfather. There is more justification than for Obama to go to war with Britain than there ever was for Bush to go to war with Iraq.

    1. And hundreds of British troops have died in Afghanistan to protect Americans. Don't you think that's enough of an apology for Obama's granddad?

    2. Please. The British were involved in transatlantic slave trade. The blacks in America is result of that.

    3. And we'd abolished slavery long before the Americans, who needed a fucking CIVIL WAR to sort that out.

      Besides, I have a grandfather who's a tortured survivor of WWII. Should I hate all Germans because of that? AND, if I did, should I then run for the position of leader of a country that is basically joined at the hip to Germany, say, Austria?

      It's not like this alliance was sprung upon him when he entered the Oval Office. It's existed his entire life.

  2. Are we still arguing about the justification for the Iraq war? Really?

    Okay. Here it goes: The entire world believed Iraq had WMD's. Several UN resolutions threatened action if he did not disclose the weapons or allow inspectors to return after Saddam had kicked them out. The war had nothing to do with Bush Sr. except that it wouldn't have been necessary if he had finished it during the first gulf war.

    Granted the intelligence was poor, but the justification for the war was supported by the UN resolutions.

    I don't believe that would ever happen, but I do think he hates them for some strange reason. And if it has to do with his "grandpappy" then I think the thousands of British "grandpappies" who fought and died in order to keep Europe and America free during Hitler's reign of terror far outweighs that. Obama should get down on his knees and thank the British for keeping this country free for him to one day become the most powerful man in the world.

    If Barack Obama declared war on Britain, it would be the most heinous act of any president in the history of this nation bar none.

  3. Would those DVDs even play on an English DVD machine? I was under the impression that DVDs were region specific.

  4. I'd blame this on Obama's schedule, inexperience, his team's inexperience and Gordon Brown's rush to become the first European leader to make an official visit. It was a hurried mess and should all be rectified by Obama's visit to meet the Queen later this year.

    Remember Gordon Brown is not a head of state, has no mandate (inherited premiership) and is counting down the months until a landslide electoral defeat.

    FYI I'm English.

  5. I'll say what people seem to be holding back, B.H Obama is a ass hole. but thinks hes a king. he will and i mean he will sell out America. and he was NOT born in HI. and if so then why not show his real BC..not the cert of berth

  6. Funny, I did not hear anything about this incident on any American news program. Are they trying to once again protect this joke of a president? He has proven he can not stand up next to any world leader as an equal. He is a low class, disresepctful, in over his head, fool. I, as an proud American, apologize to the people of the UK for the poor taste of this administration and their mouthpiece. The decades of support and trust between these two countries was pushed aside because his huge ego got in the way. God help us when he has really gotten us into trouble and we need our true friend.

  7. Alright, the "grandpappy" thing is a bit of a stretch, Obama is simply an idiot. Britain became an ally because they couldnt defeat us, but that doesnt change the fact that we have fought together and are actually strong allies, for now.
    Weapons of mass destruction? Yes iraq had them, we should know because we gave it to them. Most media in the US if extreme democrat and will no matter what try to make republicans look bad, therefore the American people arent being told hardly anything about what actually happens in the middle east. I mean really, what kind of insanity would it cause if we knew the truth? We as a people couldnt handle it anymore. We were actually dumb enough to allow obama to win the election.

  8. why are u worried about gifts that u can already afford? or pick up in block busters.is this a conspiracy ? or is because he's black? if so no matter what he presented it would be a des.

  9. Obama is completely thoughtless in his gift to our primeminister. Giving DVDs to a man whose losing his sight is pretty ignorant. Its clear that our country put a great deal of thought in to our gift to obama, obviously trying to create a great foundation for uk us relations. Obama probably spent less than £100 on dvds that won't work on browns DVD player anyway. The statements from obamas administration and his removal of the bust of churchill from the oval office, shows clearly that our closest allies, are breaking those ties. Regardless of Britains treatment of his grandfather, he is representing america not his family. I supported obama during his presidential campaign and public support for obama was pretty high in britain. But i think that his opposition was right to criticise him for being inexperienced. He bows to saudis yet he treats Britain like were nothing to america. For all the support we have given to america we get nothing. He didnt even try to make up for his mistake when he visited the queen he gave her an ipod. She already had one anyway. I bet it was only a shuffle. Plus she's in her 80s so i doubt shes uses the one she already has.
    Regardless of obama and browns positions as world leaders, Obama gave a man that is going blind dvds that wont even work in his player.

  10. Truly what an udder embarrassment Obama 'er King ACORN really is. How dare this Kenyan usurper denigrate the very country that elected his sorry azz to the highest office in the land and without one ounce of experience as even a CEO.

    Send this Marxist Kenyan usurper home now. Chicago or Kenya as it matters not nor to where; the hour to pack is now.

  11. My sincerest apologies to the British nation and her people.

    Obama is NOT American.

    1. "Obama is NOT American." Because he's black? Racist twat.

  12. Do you think that Obama may hate the UK because of its involvement in the slave trade? Maybe he believes that the UK is still an imperial nation with outdated views and of no use to a modern world or the US? Or maybe because he hates the idea of monarchy; giving a non republic and its leaders no ounce of respect? His views would fall in line with that of the American creation story. The War of Independence is at the very heart of Americans conception of themselves. The idea of a struggle against an evil empire and overthrowing the imperial yolk is the countries creation myth. This would explain the hostile undertones to a country that he would certainly have been taught was 'evil'.

    If this is the case and his behaviour is because of past links to slavery or the old empire then perhaps Obama should reflect on the fact that if Britain had won the War of Independence (i.e. the US had remained a British colony) it is quite likely that slavery would have been abolished in the US around 30 years earlier. Slavery was abolished in the British Empire in 1833 but was not abolished in the US until the late 1860s. The British Royal Navy's West Africa Squadron which was charged with halting the slave trade. It intercepted and captured Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch and American ships transporting slaves to the Americas and made the dangerous and costly voyages back to Freetown, Sierra Leone with thousands of freed black settlers.

    The founding fathers only believed in all men were created equal if they were white male landowners. George Washington - the first US president - was a slave owner.

  13. Mr Obama has certainly shown a side to the British that has angered some and bemused others. As everyone knows, American DVD's are region 1 encoded and do not work in the UK or the rest of Europe. He knew of this.
    This was a gift from Obama rather than from the American public and therefore insulting to both US and British citizens. The Prime Minister has wasted some priceless items on Mr Obama who handed over worthless movies in an empty gesture.

    The most embarrassing event of late would have to be arriving at Buckingham Palace unannounced and ignoring royal protocol. The Queen has always possessed a highly-developed sense of the duties imposed by her constitutional position. As anybody knows, the Queen is held to an unrelenting schedule and doesn't have the pleasure of walking away from her everyday duties. Its a job for life and she will perform them until she dies. A role very different from president, Queen Elizabeth II is not given a fixed term and so cannot make brash decisions that she could otherwise walk away from to leave to another successor.
    It is beyond me that Obama imaged that it would be ok to pop in for a quick chat as if she would be lying around the palace with nothing else better to do! It is well known that under no circumstances is anybody allowed to touch the Queen without her approval. To just walk up to the queen and handle her in a manor that was displayed by the Obama family was embarrassing and showed a complete lack of respect and knowledge and courteousness.

    It is also amusing to imagine why Obama thought it would be appropriate to offer the Queen an iPod Nano loaded with his own inspirational speeches . This is a lady that has lived through many a great changes from the 1940's to the present day, she has experienced and dealt with anything you could think of and Obama felt that his limited time in office could teach the Queen a thing or two about life? How could he have the nerve to offer a £129 music player to a reigning monarch? This man should never have been allowed to represent the American people!

  14. It was also very insulting to the nation to have been snubbed from the D-Day celebrations considering the UK was a joint major factor to the conclusion of the war with the US and Frances only support during the first years from the outbreak of war. Instead, the celebrations were strictly a 'US-Franco' celebration as Obama put it! This is nothing short of dishonouring the our dead.

  15. Lastly, the way in which Mr Obama arranged his visit to London was upsetting to a so called close friend of America. No other state official has ever entered the UK with such suspiciousness and disregard for the British people. He though it necessary to prepare for England as if he was visiting Iraq or Afghanistan! Surely the enemy was overseas?

    Britain got its first chance to see Barack Obama when a White House cavalcade - complete with armoured limousines, helicopters, over 200 US secret service staff and a six-doctor medical team - swept into the UK. More than 500 officials and staff will accompanied the president on his tour - along with a mass of high-tech security equipment, including the $300,000 presidential limousine, known as The Beast. Fitted with night-vision camera, reinforced steel plating, tear- gas cannon and oxygen tanks, the vehicle is the ultimate in heavy armoured transport.

    In addition, a team from the White House kitchen will travel with the president to prepare his food. As one official put it: "When the president travels, the White House travels with him, right down to the car he drives, the water he drinks, the gasoline he uses, the food he eats. America is still the sole superpower and the president must have the ability to handle any crisis, anywhere, any time."

    US security teams carried out three visits to prepare for Obama's first official visit to Britain. The first was a "site survey", the second a "pre-advance visit" which was carried out to pick sites that the president would visit. Finally there was the "advance trip", its purpose was to set up equipment, sweep venues for electronic bugs, test food for poison and measure air quality for bacteria.
    Obama was flown to central London in a VH-3D helicopter known as Marine One. Again, high-tech security dominated his journey. Marine One is fitted with flares that can be fired to confuse heat-seeking missiles and always flies in groups containing several identical decoy helicopters.
    While in London, the president was guarded by more than 200 US secret servicemen - easily identifiable by their shirt-cuff radios and Ray-Ban sunglasses. Obama has already had some time to get used their attention. It was decided when he was still a presidential candidate, that his African-American background put him at particular risk of an assassination attempt and he was provided with his security guards. Surely this threat would come from within and not from London were American politics is not a hot topic?
    And should anything befall the President, a White House medical unit was at hand to provide emergency care. The team consists of surgeons, nurses and other medical personnel and carries supplies of blood of the type AB, the president's blood group. At the same time, Obama will be constantly minded by his personal aide Reggie Love, who dials his BlackBerry, fetches his jacket and tie and supplies him with snacks.
    Do you know what the Prime Minister settles for? Two armed policemen and a Range Rover. No expenses spared and all because he doesn't live in the land of make believe.
    This sent a clear message to the British public, Obama doesn't trust the UK or trust the UK's measures to ensure that he is safe. He has strained the US-UK relationship at no fault of the American or British people.

  16. As a uk citizen I am dismayed to see this complete lack of respect for the histroy of our relationship. When America was attacked 9/11 I fired up my Ham radio and offered support in the only way I could , I spoke to an american from the state of LOUISIANA and told him in no uncertain terms that we, The British were with america and we were standing by her shoulder to shoulder. i am not an important man nor do i wield influance, but I was sure we would be there for america as we are now , we have just had our 1000 death in this war he was 19 from Shropshire. Just for information about the Mau Mau , these terrorists were killing minority tribes in Kenya not attacking the British , while we cant not take the high ground in Kenya in this instance we were protecting the minorities from being raped and murdered chopped up with machetts. And yes alternative interview methods were used , it was the 1950's afterall. I had such hopes for america on seeing Obama take office i though now is the time all peoples will come together dispite colour race or creed. Unfortuantely it would appear to exclude us. I love the UK and the USA i hope that Obama sees the error of his ways but given he has sided with Argentina against us over the Falklands i feel our relationship is over for now. I have read the above remarks and can say that it is not the american people who are at fault , we will still be here when you have a resal statesman at the helm may your God bless you all. Phil UK.

  17. I will just do what Israel will do, wait our time until he is out of office, or better still announce we are pulling out of Afghanistan at the earliest opportunity, bet that will sharpen some minds in the US administration and soon have Obama scuttling over to the UK for high level talks.

  18. I feel a strong bond with the American people, always have and always will. If obama doesn't like us and considers his ignorance as profesional it doesn't bother us. its the people who make america a great country and not just our ally, you are our close friend. Its the American people who matter to us

  19. I enjoyed your article, I learned some details about Barack Obama's disrespect for my home which I did not know about until now.

    I do however have one minor criticism, which may seem picky. It is common for people in the USA to refer to Britain sometimes as 'England', but England is not a substitute word for Britain.

    Please don't take this the wrong way - I have a great deal of affection for the USA - but I'm almost certain that Barack Obama hates not only England but the other regions of the UK, which are Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. The generally accepted substitute word for the UK is Britain - in a political and economic sense, i.e. when referring to the sovereign state. England has no seat in the United Nations, for example.

    On the other hand this refrain is somewhat understandable from the USA point of view, because you have a region called 'New England', and whenever the USA soccer team plays us they do not play Britain, they play England - but this is because sport in the UK is 'devolved' into the original constituent nations (for some reason). People in the US probably hear British people being sloppy with this sometimes as well. To make matters worse, UK politics is partially devolved nowadays (there is actually a Scottish parliament, but it has no mandate over sovereign matters such as macroeconomic policy and defense).

    You may find it interesting that the term 'Great Britain' is different again. This one has nothing to do with greatness except in a geographical sense: Great Britain means the larger island of the British isles, which historically distinguished it from the geographically 'lesser' Britain. And of course, the Romans were the originators of the word Britain because they called the big island 'Britannia', but obviously that was long before the concepts of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland existed.

    Sorry to go on about this. I became irritated once when a US presenter referred to Tony Blair as the Prime Minister of 'England'; another time someone on a US blog said that Edinburgh university in the UK was in 'England', even though it is in Scotland - this seems to be surprisingly common.

    I don't really have any hard feelings about this, even though I hear it all the time. But just remember - if you say 'England' you include 50 million people but exclude 10 million others.

    All the best,

    Liverpool, England, UK

  20. Anonymous said...
    The UK tortured Obama's grandpappy. With that in consideration I think his response to the UK was most restrained.

    This is an allegation made by Obama himself. In response, one could point to the numerous allegations of torture suffered by British citizens at Guantanamo (the tip of the iceburg), but there is no need; it's been discussed to death and, besides, American citizens and governments alike, past or present, should not all be blamed for such things. The truth is that every nation has history that they're not proud of, and Obama should remember this.

    In response to Obama's gripe about British rule in Kenya, I'd like to ask him this: where is the mention in your book about the subsequent treatment of Kenyan Indians following the collapse of British rule? Should, by his standards, the Indian government be snubbing the US administration at every opportunity?

    I don't really care much for international relations and the 'special relationship' doesn't bother me in the slightest. But I can't stand hypocrites.

    PS: Great article, but please remember that 'England' and 'Britain' are not interchangeable!

  21. I only found this out after reading about it in a newspaper the other day and I didn't expect it at all from Obama. I thought he would be a good president but I realise that being in his position and having such an opinion of Britain, it is in his power to effectively ruin the country. Punishing BP for the oil spill like they're criminals and they planned the whole thing is going to cost an awful lot for the company, which in turn will affect the UK's economy for the worse.
    I'm deeply sorry for what happened to his grandfather if it is true, but millions of people have been tortured everywhere and throughout history. Britain is definitely not the only country guilty of such an act, and is he really going to take out his anger on the new generation of people who certainly wouldn't approve of what happened? No one can erase history, all we can do is learn from it and move forwards, and holding this grudge is not going to get anyone anywhere.
    I'm upset by this new side of Obama and as the representative of the USA, one of the largest and most powerful countries in the world, he is being highly irresponsible and should think about the feelings and opinions of the good people of America more before his own personal judgement.

  22. Agreed with the previous poster. If there's one thing I resent deeply, it's being held accountable for the views and actions of a bunch of people I've never met or heard of.

    I can't even name my great grandparents; I don't know what they looked like or what their occupations were, and I certainly don't know what their views towards race and nationality were. I likely wouldn't share their views at all. It is unfair that Barack Obama should dislike me because I am British. Who does he think he is?

    I have grown up in the UK and lived here all of my life. I was born in 1984 so the concept of Britain being a superpower with a globe-spanning empire doesn't mean much to me (although I think my grandmother might remember that). My view of Britain is of a medium-population, moderately powerful European power with reasonable political, cultural and economic influence and a rich and interesting history. This is something to be satisfied with. You don't need to be a huge heavyweight superpower to be important.

    Barack Obama need to be careful with the BP situation. Here are his two mistakes in handling the situation:

    1) He is exploiting the situation for political capital. He keeps referring to BP as 'British' Petroleum even though BO has not stood for that for a decade. The company is no longer even British, with many of the shareholders actually American. Finally, the drilling contractors responsible for the spill were US companies under the employ of BP. He is using anti-Britishness as a distraction mechanism.

    2) On the other hand, despite BP no longer being British, many old-age British pensioners have their investments in BP. They are also a UK headquartered company listed on the FTSE stock exchange in London. Britain receives a lot of corporation tax from BP. Barack Obama's childish reaction risks ruining the livelihoods of retirees and also damaging our economy at a fragile time of economic recovery from a brutal recession. The collapse of BP would lose the UK many billions of pounds.

    Barack Obama is small minded and has a chip on his shoulder. He is also a socialist who naturally dislikes big business. He would love the see BP suffer and he doesn't care who he hurts in the process. As bad as the oil spill is, it was still an accident. The way he is treating BP like common criminals, you would think BP had done it on purpose.

  23. Anti-Britain, anti-oil, anti-Wall st, populist. Suddenly, Hugo Chavez look remarkably normal. Sorry Georgie come back. The world won't throw any more shoes. I promise.

    How many more months to go to the US election?

  24. Barack Obama should definitely consider his actions and the effect of them.
    He is letting his own vendetta get in the way of a relationship which has stood for hundreds of years, as well as shaping the world in the process.
    I beg the american people to not vote for him again, he is not what America needs or what the world needs.

  25. Obama is an egotistical narcicist.
    He is so in love with himself.He cannot see beyond the end of his nose.
    How he has created enough Americans to follow his ,off the wall ideas and not Impeach him is beyond comprehension.
    The only negative to that is, Joe Biden is not the brightest light in the Harbor either.

  26. I am a European.
    I have lots of friends and family living in the USA.
    I have lived in the USA for a number of years.
    I love the American sense of right and wrong, their justice system and their honesty.
    I love the USA.
    You really have the most wonderful country in the world.
    When I look back over your amazing leaders, their intellect, compassion, vision and humility - and then we have this lawyer.
    I know Bill Clinton had human weaknesses, but I could excuse them as being just that - human.
    He strode across the face of this planet, bringing genuine American warmth and assistance to the worlds nations.
    He was, and always will be a World Leader.
    Will Obama ever get over his personal insecurities and be a president?
    President Obama - Your country voted for you, they thought you could be great, I thought you could be great - fulfil your potential.

  27. Like children in the playground, we all have our stories: my grandfather was captured by the Japanese during the fall of Singapore in 1942, and he too was subject to hardships analogous to that of Obama's ancestors. Indeed, in the context of this discussion we are forced to acknowledge an abstract irony born from the fact that my entire existence and subsequent participation, is empirically linked to the two American atom-bombs which systematically extinguished over a hundred-thousand innocent lives in less than a heartbeat.

    By the conclusion of WWII my grandfather had already nurtured a deep-rooted resentment for his former oppressors, and this would be ultimately reciprocated through the empathic opinions of successive generations. However, shortly before his death and accompanied by the pragmatism of his own mortality, he later rescinded the culpability of a generation who were neither involved nor complicit in the atrocities of their forefathers. Upon reflection, it would appear that the sword of suffering and sceptre of reconciliation, are a privilege reserved for those brave enough to bear them.

    Why is Mr Obama so intent on beating the death-march of a tyrannical empire long since subjugated by braver and better men?

  28. This is just another example of a child trying to do a man's job. Obama is nothing more than a boy in a candy store. If his grandfather tried or had a part in overthrowing a government he knew the risk. It seems people like his grandfather want to cause harm to others but cry like babies when they are stopped. I guess we know where Obama gets his thin skin,it runs in his family, unlike brains.

  29. The deterioration of the relationship held with our allies is a wrong that disturbs most clear thinking Americans, however, Obama has achieved nothing towards improving relations with countries with whom we have had neutral or questionable public relations. He is an embarrassment that knows no ends! Where is the high intelligence which was declared by so many during the election? There is a vast difference between a high IQ and a high degree of narcissism.

  30. The deterioration of the relationship held with our allies is a wrong that disturbs most clear thinking Americans, however, Obama has achieved nothing towards improving relations with countries with whom we have had neutral or questionable public relations. He is an embarrassment that knows no ends! Where is the high intelligence which was declared by so many during the election? There is a vast difference between a high IQ and a high degree of narcissism.

  31. Like grandfather, like Father, like grandson, a lying coward. Obama came from a family so screwed up, it makes Charles Manson look normal. Barack, Barry or whoever he is today needs a psychiatrist and I mean a good one. Michelle knew what she was getting, it's the children I feel sorry for.

  32. It makes me laugh when comments such as "when they (british) could'nt beat us they became our allies"...the 'they' were british you fool..even george washington was in the british army in the war between britain and france over the fate of the colonies..which i might add if britain had lost...we (the usa)would'nt even exist today. As for the war of independence..you can thank the spanish dutch & importantly the french army and a complete lack of political will + public resentment in britain at knowing their relatives were being bashed by their own goverment. As for obama he's certainly no statesman and he'll never last 2 terms..i wonder sometimes whether the old historic lands/people's sit there laughing at us..who could blame them??

  33. Also just to add i found it disgraceful that the D-Day celebrations were marked as a 'US-Franco celebration'...disgusting and an insult to our war dead and the British who had more troops involved in the D-Day landings than we (USA) did. Obviously Obama wants to go to great lenghths to make all americans look completely arrogant and totally out of touch with reality..kinda like being the director of that U571 film..starring Bon Jovi capturing the 1st nazi enigma machine and thus rewiting history (the british did it)..god help us!

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  35. I dont think Obama is a racist, but he does have a massive chip on his shoulder. And a man in his position should not be allowing his personal feelings to interfere with how he carries out his duties. Anyway, white Americans have done far worse to Black people for much longer than the British have. If his grandfather was American and kept or beaten in an American jail you could bet he wouldnt have the same distaste for the whole of the USA as he does for England.

    He is the best President America has had in a very long time, but hes not perfect. Im glad he is bringing this so called Special Relationship to an end cause the English people are stupid suck ups. Anything we do, they have to copy, which is sad!

    But going back to the point Obama should put his personal feelings aside and realise all that is in the past just as racism in his own country. The British are fighting and dying more than any other nation in Afghanistan and he disrespects every man who has lost his life.

  36. Obama is an idiot, please vote Colonel Allen West in as your next president. If you dont want him please send the great Colonel to Britain he would make the best Prime Minister since Churchill.

  37. To the person who described the American Revolution as a creation myth--it is certainly based on more fact than King Arthur and his magic wizard. Enough said about that.
    To all those who commented on racism in America--this might be true, but the very fact that a black man becomes president of this very country presents a paradox. Has there ever been a black prime minister?

  38. When I visited the US I couldn't find a nicer bunch of people, so welcoming and friendly, and this is my vision of America. That is intact.

    I think Obama has really insulted Britain however, and I am British. I don't want to push the special relationship nonsense, but the thing that has set me off balance is the concept that Britain and America always had a similar outlook by comparison to the rest of the world - albeit we are smaller! It seems now that Obama speaks on a whole different level, much to the surprise of the Americans as well as us.

    His gifts to Gordon Brown were dreadfully distasteful, and likewise to the Queen. I can't help thinking what George Bush thinks of all this mess, love him or hate him his behaviour was far superior to Obama.

    When I have watched Obama and his family on the TV I get the impression it's been like a lottery win, or that they are on some gameshow and are REALLY bad contestants or sore losers.

    I am not sure what Obama has against us, but considering the snub by Prince William in regard to a wedding invitation I would think that the higher powers above are not impressed.

    Whether it will lead to our removal from Afghanistan remains to be seen, but I would definitely believe our involvement with any work of the Obama administration will be affected.

    I mirror the sentiments of others from the UK when I say relations might have frosted a little between our Governments, but I do believe that once a new President has been elected our doors will be open.

  39. The Obama grandfather being tortured thing is a myth. His grandfather was a petty thief in a colonial unit. He was not a 'freedom fighter'. He was a member of the wrong tribe during the Kenyan land grab by the Mau-Mau and as such could never have been involved - they were enemies. The story about torture and imprisonment was a cover for his thievery.

    Oh, and please, please stop mixing up England and the UK. They are not labels that are interchangeable.

  40. Well, I'm Welsh and I hate England too. :)

    Oh, what's that you say? You meant to refer to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland? OK, apology accepted moving on.

    1. Topshop is NOT an upscale store. It's roughly slightly below The Gap in terms of status.
    2. I struggle to think of anything more tedious than seven volumes written about one man... a man that was so unpopular that he was voted out of office the first time he called an election.
    3. As to the bust- it's as ugly as sin and every president can decorate his office with pretty much anything he wants from the Smithsonian/ National Gallery etc. Churchill was a personal role model for Bush (although God knows what Churchill would have thought of him), Obama isn't so hot. So what?
    4. We're British. We have plenty of history and tradition: you lot have habits. We have it to spare. The timbers from an old ship mean nothing to us, it's just a nick-nack that we thought you might like.
    5. The Queen's iPod? They seem to have that right. Our Auntie Betty is apparently a bit of a technophile. She has all the baubles and pretty pictures she could possibly ask for. Give her something she might actually like. Her favourite Christmas present in recent years was "Billy the Big-Mouth Bass:


    1. Since when has any Welshman's opinion mattered??

  41. I hate YOU for calling the UK, England - England is just one part of the UK. Listen; fuck the US, fuck the French.

  42. anonymous are you out of your friggin mind, i don't care what england did to obama's grandpa, he shouldn't put that against the relationship the usa and england have had for centuries, we are one with england, they are our bretheren, if he's going to screw that relationship up he has to go, thats how important he is, nothing should come between the usa and england ever, god bless both countries, and obama has to go, soon...

  43. First black president has a disrespect of the british can you really blame hime ? our coloniol past is pretty disgusting. I hold him no ill will. But the article is correct we have fought each killed each other and fought side by side and died to protect each others freedoms. Which brings me to my next point LIBYA the presidents language regarding "Europes War" and "Somebody should do it", This i do have an issue with when we have lost so many british lifes fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanastan two wars that Americas Wars we are still out there bleeding and dying in a wars that isnt ours. Not to mention "friendly fire" incidents when american forces repeatedlly get away with murdering british troops.

    And americas right wing are all over this like their fans of the british ? DONT MAKE ME LAUGH rednecks arent exactly known for fondness of the british. No worries George Bush signed away americas soverighnty to the European Union in 2008 and by 2015 brits will be able to live in america with nothing more than a british paasport.

    Look up Transatlantic Common Market we'll soon see how much the right like brits.

    1. ..."George Bush signed away americas soverighnty to the European Union in 2008 and by 2015 brits will be able to live in america with nothing more than a british paasport"...

      Which in return will mean that americans could live in Britain with nothing more than a passport, nnnnnoooooooooooooooo god help us!!!


  45. I am a tea partier, and I don't like all of Obama's decisions - however, I would hold a grudge if my grandfather was brutally tortured by britain too

  46. Obama's mistreatment of Brown at the White House was worse than is described here. His hatred for the UK and for America's heritage is obvious and it is with great pleasure that we can remember for all time that Obama was not invited to the royal wedding. This rejection by the royal couple was a most appropriate comeuppance for a man (and angry wife) who hates the UK as much as he does.

    As for Obama's motivation, it is clear: he was sent to the Earth by his martian handlers to destroy the USA a precursor to the Martian enslavement of all the peoples of the world, as seen is these training tapes:

  47. I Am An American And I Hate england evil england Kept America As Their Slaves Before Americans Kicked english Out Of America Saint Joan Was brutally terminated by evil england

    1. Yep your American alright! Stupid dumb fuck!

    2. See the American education system is living up to expectations

  48. President Barrack Obama joins a list of the most intelligent and wise leaders that the world has ever produced. Its not a big deal that Americans like him, thus the reason they voted for him with landsliding victory. For someone who's not an American calling him bad names is really sad because he's not the president or prime minister of the UK. To take you back when BP caused a giant explosion at the gulf of mexico, the british government expected leniency after lives of American people were endangered. Obama had to move in fast and protect the American people who put him in office rather than minding about foreign relationships with a country that does not give a damn about other people who aren't british. Finally, britain has been accused of so many crimes against humanity and one of them being the torturing of his grandfather.

    1. What a tosser! The leak was caused by f******g yank contractors. And who owns BP? Majority of shareholders are Yanks! Get you facts right cock-head

  49. 'The UK tortured Obama's grandpappy. With that in consideration I think his response to the UK was most restrained.'

    While torture is wrong lets look at the actual facts, Obama's grandfather was in the Maus Maus, three days before his arrest Obama's grandfather's terrorist organisation had just thrust a number of women and children onto iron stakes through their anus's.
    The English are well-known for their tolerance around the world but who can honestly deplore them for lashing out when such atrocities occur?


  50. Re: Obama's grandfather:

    'Contrary to African customs and values, [Mau Mau members] assaulted old people, women and children. The horrors they practiced included the following: decapitation and general mutilation of civilians, torture before murder, bodies bound up in sacks and dropped in wells, burning the victims alive, gouging out of eyes, splitting open the stomachs of pregnant women.'


  51. For the record people who keep asking you to write 'British' usually are NOT English but use the term 'British' to 'own' the UK.
    It was England that made Great Britain great, it is England that subsidises the rest of the UK and gave the world the language, the literature and the art.

  52. Britain should focus more on business within Europe and treat America with the same distrust that most European countries do.

  53. Friends for 200 years? not even close. Prior to WWII many of the leadership governmental, military and business where staunch anglofiles. Only after WWII with the thuggish soviets threatening did we become true friends.

  54. Obama is a lying, cheating socialist. Everyone should see the movie 2016: Obama's America. It will shock and frighten you. If left in office the man intends to (and I quote) "set the SINS OF COLONIALISM right" and "downsize American"!!! Think about it. That's not what our founding father's dreamed of. The growth of Liberty, the growth of America. What is the sin of colonialism?
    The man is a fraud, as is his wife and should be removed from office as soon as possible.
    BTW, I am a democrat. I voted for this man in 2008...but I'm smart enough to realize my mistake. If someone works for a company and does not do his job, he gets fired. Obama works for me and for all Americans. He's not doing his job. So why should he be left in office?

    Get him out this November. 4 years in ENOUGH!

  55. im British and proud if you dont like it fuk u then