Friday, March 13, 2009

Jon Stewart Interviews Jim Cramer: "May I Have My Cake and Eat it Too?"

After circling each other for a week, Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer finally met last night for an interview.

Cramer sparked the back and forth saying that the Obama administration was resonsible for, "the greatest wealth destruction I've seen by a president."

This sparked the modus operandi of the left to destroy personal credibility rather than to debate the facts. For a week following Cramer's comment used his Comedy Central's The Daily Show attack Cramer's show Mad Money, his network, CNBC, and Cramer himself.

By the time the interview with Cramer rolled around Jon Stewart had ideologically castrated anything Cramer could have said to defend himself. Then Stewart finished the job in the interview itself. Note the complete lack of discussion on whether Cramer's wealth destruction has any merit, which it does.

Jon sat there looking and behaving like a respected journalist, which, as we know he is neither. And that's not only my opinion of Mr. Stewart, it also reflects his own self-estimation given that he admits, "We come on right after puppets that make crank calls."

And yet, young people treat The Daily Show as an actual source of news. A 2004 study by the Pew Research Center found that 21% of 19-29 year-olds turn to comedy shows as a source of news. Pew stated during the 2004 presidential campaign,
For many young people, the content of the jokes, sketches and appearances on these programs is not just a repeat of old information. Respondents who said they regularly or sometimes learned about the campaign from these programs were asked if they ever learn things that they had not heard before, and nearly half said they had learned something new. Put another way, 27% of all respondents under age 30 say they learn things about the candidates and campaigns from late night and comedy programming that they did not know previously.
It comes as no surprise then that when John Kerry needed to defend himself after the whole swift-boat discussion broke out during the 2004 presidential campaign, Kerry chose to go on The Daily Show rather than any of the major networks.

Stewart acts like a journalist at times, but when someone, like Bill O'Rielly, confronts him on the idea he retreats to his "puppets making crank calls" line.

Jon Stewart is either an incredibly poor journalist or a manipulative hack who is largely untouchable by others because he hides behind the comedian banner when it suits him.

And to think the 18-29 year old demographic actually listen to this guy as a source of news is worrisome, but it does explain how America got stuck with Obama for the next four years.

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