Sunday, March 22, 2009

DVD's Obama Gave to PM Brown Were Wrong Format

What's worse than giving a man who's going blind a stack of DVD's? How about giving him a stack of DVD's that are unplayable in his country?

As if Obama offending our best best friends in the world were not complete enough, he gives England yet another indication that he hates them.

As many suspected, the rumors are true: the thoughtless stack of 25 DVD's President Obama gave to Prime Minister Gordon Brown were, in fact, Region 1. If you're not familiar with international DVD's, Region 1 coded DVD's are only playable in DVD players in America and Canada.

Not only did Barack Obama give a completely thoughtless gift to our greatest ally in the world who his administration called "nothing special."

Not only did he give DVD's to a man who is virtually blind.

But the DVD's that he did give to Prime Minister Brown are apparently unplayable in England.

So while Obama's busy carefully pronouncing PAH-key-stahn and extending a hand of friendship to Iran, he has effectively extended a middle finger to one of our only friends in the world.

So he either hates England, is incompetent, or he just doesn't care.

And I'm not sure which option is more comforting.

Also see my post: 3 Indications Barack Obama Hates England for further insight into how this president has treated the good people of the United Kingdom.

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