Monday, March 30, 2009

Earth Hour 2: Syndey Blackout Hit 50,000 Homes One Day After Earth Day

One day after the global Earth Hour empty gesture, the people of Sydney, Australia awoke to find that 50,000 homes were without power due to a fault at an electrical substation.

The blackout threw the city into chaos as traffic signals failed to function properly during the Monday morning rush hour. People were trapped in elevators and many malls and schools were also without power. Energy Australia worked quickly to find the problem and began repairing the fault. They hope to restore power to the entire city by 1:00 pm local time.

I'm no electrician, but it seems suspicious to me that Sydney would face a blackout 1 day after Earth Day. Could it be hard on the electrical systems when demand shifts so dramatically from one hour to the next as they did during Earth Hour? Or maybe the Mother Nature enjoyed Earth Hour so much, she decided to extend it just a bit longer..

And if Earth Hour was so good, shouldn't an entire morning with no electricity be even better for the environment?

What's that? You want to be the one to decide when to conserve and not have it thrust upon you by some outside force?

Welcome, people of Sydney, you now understand the conservative position on ecological concerns. I'm happy you understand our position, but I'm sorry it had to happen this way.

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