Friday, March 6, 2009

Hillary Gives Russia a Reset* Button

Do you remember when George W. Bush, you know, the "worst president ever," gave Russia a pointless token in order to restore our relationship with the nation that was in armageddon-inducing deadlock with us for a half century? Man was he stupid.

Wait... what?

Sorry that was Hillary Clinton. Man is she stupid.

Earlier today Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, attempted to mend our strained relationship with the former Soviet Union by offering them what amounts to a foreign-policy "Easy" button.

It also bears a striking resemblance to the Russian's preferred foreign-policy "Easy" button during the pre-Reagan years, only that one certainly got more of a "bang" when pressed.

And she passed along the helpful information that not a soul in the State Department speaks Russian. They probably figured Babelfish would be fine. I can't see why the Russians might find that information helpful at all... hmmm....

The funny thing about this is that the Obama administration was supposed to repair our relationship in the world. Yesterday, Obama thought a few DVD's and some cheap plastic toy helicopters were suitable gifts for the Prime Minister of Britain, and today his Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, gives Russia a fake "reset" button that she screwed up the translation on.

This didn't happen with the Bush administration because he actually appreciates the support of the UK and our allies.

And Bush's Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, would not have gotten the translation wrong because she is an expert in Soviet affairs and speaks Russian.

And German.

And French.

And Spanish.

We were in good hands with Condi. May God Obama help us now.

*"Reset" in the title should read "Overcharge," according to the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov.


  1. Russia will play this administration like a bunch of fools. Right now they are angling perfectly to shut down our base in Kyrgystan, increase our reliance on their benevolence to resupply troops in Afghanistan, and will then use that as the perfect opportunity to seize Georgia.

    With liberals controlling the entire state of government Russians realize they can take anything they want...this is their time to shine!

  2. such sensationalism about senseless things.

    i must fail to see the point.