Monday, March 9, 2009

"Let Them Eat Steak" - The Obama's $310,000 Dinner

Concerts, cocktail parties, and eating out. The Obama's sure know how to have a good time. In six weeks, they have held concerts by major recording artists as well as numerous cocktail parties and dinners where the guests have been treated to the best the White House has to offer.

I understand that schmoozing is part of the role of the President, but the Obama's excessive parties serve to separate the presidential aristocracy from the rest of the American population.

The people are hurting. Americans lose more jobs and more wealth each day, but the Obama's continue to party.

The White House family and guests have feasted upon wonderful meals including Wagyu steak, which can cost up to $100 per pound! This beef comes from a particular breed of cattle who receive a vegetarian diet and a daily hand massage in order to produce the most tender beef possible.

For Valentine's Day, President Obama treated Michelle to a night on the town. Which town? Why Chicago, of course.

Barack and Michelle loaded up Air Force One and headed out to dinner at the elegant Table 52. So I wondered how much this evening out cost the American people. And I found my answer.

It costs $56,000 per hour to operate Air Force One. But when Air Force One goes somewhere, A second plane also goes somewhere, which may probably costs something similar to Air Force Two and represents an additional $14,500 per hour. A cargo plane also accompanies Air Force One wherever it goes in order to carry the limousine and other travel necessities for the highest-profile politician in the world. The cargo plane costs $7,000 per hour to operate.

  • $56,000/hour for Air Force One
  • $14,500/hour for second aircraft
  • $7,000/hour for cargo plane

It takes approximately two hours to fly from Washington, DC to Chicago.

So these four hours of travel (two hours there and two hours back) cost the American taxpayer $310,000.

If you divide the $310,000 plane trip to dinner by the $147.76 (Bureau of Labor) the average American earns each day, or you take the average annual salary ($36,764) you arrive at an astounding conclusion:

The $310,000 Obama Valentine's Day dinner equals
  • 2,097 average Americans working an 8 hour day
  • 8.4 years of an average American's salary
Think about that! The money earned by a single American during the entire Bush administration would not quite cover the travel costs of the Obama Valentine's Day dinner in Chicago.

And that does not include Secret Service, staff, or the meal itself. Only the travel.

So when Obama's advisers approach him saying, "The American people are suffering so much! They can't even afford ground beef."

One has to wonder if his response isn't, "Then let them eat steak."


  1. Yeah, but... it's only taxpayer's money, which s we all know is free because it grows on trees.

  2. That might become even more true if they keep printing money!

  3. Hasn't the Pres heard that there are Americans going to bed hungry. They can't aford steak at $5.00 a lb. Little lone $31,000 at plate.

  4. Impeach this Marxist Kenyan usurper now