Saturday, March 14, 2009

This Week in Review - March 8 - March 14

It's been a busy week in the world of politics. It's not often you witness the FBI raid a government agency that was headed by a presidential appointment only one week prior.

Nor does a major news outlet regularly ask the leader of the greatest democracy in the world, "Are you a socialist?" and have it be a perfectly reasonable question. I mean it was only 20 years ago that we were afraid socialists would be instrumental in destroying the world. Now we only have to worry about them destroying the country, so we've made marked improvement.

The 5 most-viewed articles this week at Change Barack were

1. "Let Them Eat Steak" - The Obama's $310,000 Dinner
2. 3 Indications Barack Obama Hates England
3. Top 20 Tea Party Signs
4. New York Times asks Obama, "Are You a Socialist"
5. Jon Stewart Interviews Jim Cramer: "Can I Have My Cake and Eat it Too?"

This week's poll question was
"How much will the US dollar be worth in 2012?"
  • 46% of you think it "depends on whether it's two-ply or quilted."
  • 32% believe it will be "almost worthless"
  • 14% said "completely worthless" (These are the doom-and-gloomers. C'mon you can always burn it to keep warm!)
  • 9% said "about 1 Russian ruble"
I think we can call that a consensus though!

And my favorite picture posted this week was this gem of Hillary Clinton.

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