Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Time is on Bobby Jindal's Side

I have been a fan of Bobby Jindal for a while now, but I don't view his response to Obama's not-state-of-the-union speech through the rose-colored lenses that Hannity and Limbaugh chose. Jindal's response last week lacked some of the passion and energy I've seen from him in past television appearances. My thoughts on his speech are available here: Style Over Substance: Why Jindal's Speech Rebuttal Short

Conservatives are often characterized as dumb and backwards by those on the left. This piece by 60 Minutes is a pretty positive look at Jindal highlighting his education, background, and his very tangible vision for his state.

So does Jindal have what it takes to lead the conservative movement? Well, time will tell, and at 37 years old, time is on Bobby Jindal's side.

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