Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Week in Review - March 21 - March 27

First off, a big THANK YOU to everyone who reads this blog. It's very encouraging to interact with you through the comments here and on Twitter. We have done well exposing Barack Obama for who he really is and the Zogby report this week shows that Obama's approval has fallen below the magic 50% mark.

So we're doing some good. Stay strong!

The top stories this week are

1. Top 20 Tea Party Signs
2. 3 Indications Barack Obama Hates England
3. "Let Them Eat Steak" The Obama's $310,000 Dinner
4. Tea Parties Are Gaining Traction
5. DVD's Obama Gave to PM Brown Were Wrong Format

This week's poll question was:
Who will Obama offend next?
  • Nobody thought it would be Americans with Disabilities
  • 10% thought it would be another NATO ally
  • Surprisingly only 20% expect it to be Capitalists. (I guess they've already been offended sufficiently?)
  • Any non-White Ethnic Group picked up 30% of the votes
  • And 40% expect Obama to offend the elderly next. (How do you foresee this happening exactly?)
We're slowing chipping away at Obama's approval numbers, and it's thanks to people like you. You stay informed through the mainstream media and through alternative media like blogs. And you stay connected with friends and family. Without you the words recorded here would be worthless. It is you who make this blog and blogs like this powerful forces that help shape public opinion.

You have an important roll in continuing to strengthen the impact we can have though! Here are a few ways you can help out!
  • First, just share the link to this site with like-minded friends:
  • Use the email and the "Share This" buttons at the bottom of posts you like to share them with others.
  • Leave your comments and add to the discussion.
  • Follow me on Twitter for updates and some fun conversation!
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