Tuesday, April 14, 2009

4 Items For Your Tea Party Tool Box

In order to help you prepare for the tea parties today, I decided to put together some must-have information for you.

1. Know the Issues

Basically, the government is spending more money than we have paper to print it on and Americans will pay for these policies for generations.

There is hope, however, that some of these spending bills could be repealed if the right people get elected in the midterm elections next year.

The Heritage Foundation, or as I call them "God's Gift to Liberty," has a great article outlining all of the issues.

They also have quick fact sheets for you to print and keep with you.
War on the American Dream
Tea Party Talking Points

2. Don't Be Afraid

Sure the Department of Homeland Security thinks you're a "Right-Wing Radical" (PDF) and groups like ACORN are threatening to crash the parties, but don't be afraid.

There are millions of people who think our government is out of control. And as of yesterday you can add Gov. Rick Perry to that list.

The left cannot win the arena of ideas so they are forced to use intimidation and fear to quiet the opposition. But we cannot sit silently as the government picks the pockets of Americans decades into the future.

3. Find a Tea Party Near You

Here is a map that lists every known tea party happening in America. Find one close to home and get out there! Let your voice be heard!

View 2009 Tea Parties in a larger map

4. Get Connected

Talk with friends.

Connect with others on your social networking sites.

Check out Top Conservatives on Twitter (#TCOT)

Get involved with Glenn Beck's 9/12 Project.

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