Wednesday, April 22, 2009

4 Surprising Reasons I Won't Be Celebrating Earth Day - Part 2

3. Individual Freedom is a Paramount Value
One of the most sacred American values is the concept of individual liberty. This liberty extends even into the area of person habits of protecting the environment.

If you are convinced that buying organic veggies a hybrid are going to save the world, by all means, go right ahead.

But the government mandating what types of cars Americans can by? That's a crime against liberty. If you think it doesn't happen, consider for a moment the federally mandated CAFE standards.

Still confused? CAFE stands for Corporate Average Fuel Economy; the law that sets the minimum standard fuel efficiency for cars and trucks sold in the United States.

CAFE is just one example of how the environmentalist movement uses federal laws to impede individual liberty.

No free person chooses this.

As long as environmentalism is enforced through federal mandate, I'm afraid it's not a movement I can support. Couch it in individual liberty and keep the government out of the discussion, then we'll talk.

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