Thursday, April 9, 2009

Huffington Post -Hearts- Pirates

In light of the recent incident in which the crew of a hijacked American ship bravely overthrew the pirates who attacked them, you might like to see how one of the most popular liberal blogs feels about the Somali pirates.

Following in the long tradition of being on the wrong side of history, Johann Hari of the Huffington Post published an article on January 4, 2009 titled You're Being Lied to About Pirates.

The liberal position is to consistently take the side of those who would like nothing more than to harm the United States and western culture.

So, if you're reading the Huffington Post, the title is accurate; You ARE being lied to about pirates.

What the article fails to mention is that the Somali pirates are not "freedom fighters" who are simply defending their nation's coastal areas. If they were really just serving their country as a civilian-organized volunteer army, why would the Somali pirates hijack ships filled with aid supplies from the UN in 2007?

After the 2004 tsunami, Somali pirates attacked a ship that was providing aid for tsunami victims in Somalia in early 2005.

They did the same thing in October 2005.

And again in December 2005.

And a portion of the cargo on the American ship hijacked this week was 400 containers of food aid for... you guessed it! Somalia!

Within a year of the tsunami, Somali pirates had hijacked three ships filled with food and relief supplies predominately from Europe.

And the Huffington Post begs their readers to feel sorry for these Somali terrorists and to see Europe as the bad guy?

Once again, the liberals are and will be on the wrong side of history.

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