Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Why the RNC Should Endorse A Democrat Running Against Spector in 2010

As you have probably heard, Sen. Arlen Spector (R D-PA) decided to drop the Republican mantle and join the Democratic Party.

Spector claims the decision is based on the Republican party becoming too conservative.


If John McCain was too conservative a candidate for you, then you should have never considered yourself a Republican in the first place.

If the George Bush spending fiasco was too conservative for you, then you should have never been a Republican in the first place.

Spector's problem is not that the party became too conservative for his liking. The big tent of Republicanism did not shrink considerably in the last decade.

The problem was this: The big tent party was preparing to spit Spector right out the door.

Yes those big-tent Republicans in Pennsylvania are fed up with Spector and were prepared to nominate Pat Toomey by a margin of 20%.

This is why I say the RNC should endorse a democrat in the primary in Pennsylvania in addition to Pat Toomey. The last thing we need is for Spector to win after this little stunt.

If Pat Toomey faces a loss in the Pennsylvania general election next year (as some believe), I would like for Spector to see that happen from the sidelines rather than as the victor.

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