Friday, April 17, 2009

"Torture" Documents Describe Horrors - Harmless Caterpillars

The wolves on the left have torn into a set of memos released yesterday concerning American interrogation techniques.

One of the documents describes in detail some of the techniques American interrogators have used to extract information from enemy combatants peace-loving Muslim freedom fighters.

Here is a list of the ten techniques described in the documents.
  1. attention grasp
  2. walling
  3. facial hold
  4. facial slap (insult slap)
  5. cramped confinement
  6. wall standing
  7. stress positions
  8. sleep deprivation
  9. insects placed in confinement box
  10. the waterboard

I'll give you a moment to finish vomiting in the face of the horror of what we are doing to terrorists.

Many leftist bloggers are horrified by the second from last item on the list: Insects placed in confinement box. Here is the text from the memo describing this interrogation technique:

"You would like to place [al Qaeda terrorist Abu] Zubaydah in a cramped confinement box with an insect. You have informed us that he appears to have a fear of insects. In particular, you would like to tell Zubaydah that you intend to place a stinging insect into the box with him. You would, however, place a harmless insect in the box. You have orally informed us that you would in fact place a harmless insect such as a caterpillar in the box with him...

You must inform him that the insects will not have a sting that would produce death or severe pain. If, however, you were to place the insect in the box without informing him that you are doing so, then, in order to not commit a predicate act, you should not affirmatively lead him to believe that any insect is present which has a sting that could produce severe pain or suffering or even cause his death."

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the new face of terror in the world.

The memo also cites the fact that of 10,000 students that went through the Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape (SERE) program operated by the federal government "only 2 of the students dropped out of the training following the use of these techniques."

Two facts are revealed in that sentence: 1) The United States has been "torturing" its own people as they go through a military training program. 2) Comparing only dropout rates, one must conclude that any given public high school is more torturous than military survival training.

In short this memo outlining American "torture" techniques actually spills vast amounts of ink describing how to protect the terrorist from physical harm.

We should be so lucky if our enemies have a similar document.

Unfortunately they use their document to justify killing American citizens by the thousands.

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