Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Week in Review - April 12 -17 2009

This was, without a doubt, Tea Party Week. PajamasTV had a running count of people who attended a tea party and the count was in excess of 600,000 people! WOW!

1. Top 20 Tea Party Signs
2. Dallas Tea Party Photos
3. Pictures From February 27, 2009 Tea Party
4. Tax Day Tea Party Pictures
5. 5 Sick ways media Tries to Discredit the Tea Parties

(See a trend there?)

There was no poll this week, but check back on Monday and I'll have one ready to go!

My favorite picture this week was:

"The new face of terror." (From "Torture" Documents Describe Horrors - Harmless Caterpillars)

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