Wednesday, May 20, 2009

As Blue States Fail, Red State Ideals May Triumph

We all know California's going broke. New York and New Jersey are heading in the same direction. Michigan hangs in the balance as the state population plummets and the federal government has taken control of a huge portion of the state's economy.

When will voters in these states recognize that blue-state politics just don't work?

Yesterday, the people of California voted down a budget proposal that would have raised taxes state-wide in order to pay for the growing state budget shortfalls. Collectively the voices of Californians shouted, "STOP SPENDING!" rather than the expected cry of "WE WANT TO PAY MORE!"

Does this mean California is turning a blue-state corner in the direction of red-state ideals? Probably not. This is, after all, the state of Berkley, San Francisco, and some of the most asinine "green" laws in the union, but when the state policies meet the voter's pocketbooks directly suddenly red-state ideals become increasingly palatable.

The problem is that many blue-state policies are treated as if no amount of money is too much to spend. "Who cares how much it costs to save the planet!" So the financial argument will not work monolithically to draw blue-state thinkers into the red-state corner, but it does give a glimmer of one weakness in the liberal armor that conservatives must exploit.

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