Sunday, May 17, 2009

Biden Reveals Location of Secret VP Bunker - At Least One American is Less Safe Under Obama Administration

Last week former Vice President Dick Cheney caught the nation's attention telling Politico and then CNN that Obama's policies will make America less safe. [video](He also may or may not have single-handedly brought down the Speaker of the House, but that remains to be seen.)

While I don't really understand how closing the Guatanamo detention center, releasing enemy combatants, and treating terror suspects as run-of-the-mill criminals all serve to make America safer, I suppose the debate will continue.

However, when the sitting Vice President Joe Biden reveals the location of the secret Vice Presidential bunker, it is clear that at least one American is less safe under the Obama administration: The Vice President.

Don't Panic.

Can we please stop calling the profusion of Biden's buffoonery "gaffes?" The man is not "gaffe-prone," he's someone who I wouldn't trust with knowledge of an upcoming surprise party, much less volumes of state secrets.

Biden might be a great source of political humor and a comedic lightning rod that protects Obama himself from late-night television scrutiny, but when he reveals potentially classified intelligence, he's a danger to himself and potentially dangerous to the American people.

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