Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gibbs Questioned About Obama's Birth Certificate

Personally, I don't know how much to make of this. I've seen the "Certificate of Live Birth" produced by the state of Hawaii, and I really feel like this is a closed case. But there are, apparently, at least 400,000 Americans who are not willing to let go of it that easily.

Gibbs faced a question about it today from Lester Kinsolving of World Net Daily.

WND has been running a billboard campaign requesting the birth certificate that has raised around $50,000 so far.

Again, I kind of feel like this is a closed issue and to keep requesting the birth certificate begins to smack of the Loose Change 9/11 conspiracy theorists, minus the psychosis, of course. But I could be wrong.

How many of you feel like this is something worth digging into or should we focus our money and attention on other things like stopping the confirmation of a racist Supreme Court nominee?


  1. Yeah, I agree. If it were worth persuing, someone on the conservative side, with money and influence, would be all over it.
    I think we need to work on educating people on what liberalism/socialism is, where it will take us (can we say E.U.?) and what we can do. I think if we just give Obama a few more months, he is going to push too hard and too fast and people will be listening by the 2010 elections. Just my view.

  2. I totally agree, Jennifer. The problem is many people don't see the dangers lurking under the surface with socialism. "You mean I'm gonna get free stuff? And all I have to give us is most of my freedom? Done!"

    We might want to define socialism instead of letting the socialists define it for us considering they have the most to gain from that system.

  3. It's important that a president who promotes "transparancy" act consistently with that policy. Why won't he publish the "vault" certificate with the doctors signature to quiet this uncertainity? Why is he spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on legal fees to fight this? Why is isn't he listening to American citizens? A good president would respond to this and publish the vault certificate in my opinion. There is no reason to alienate and upset any portion of the citizenry that he is representing as president of the us. Unless - unless, there really is something to hide. Remember, unless he is a natural born citizen, he is not qualified to serve as president. Could it be that he is refusing to release the certificate because it would show that he is not "natural-born" or it would show that he relinquished his citizenry when his mother married an Indonesian national? I think it is important to
    put all of these speculations to rest.

  4. Oh don't get me wrong, I understand why whose who are pursuing it do so with such gusto, I'm just not sure you're going to get anywhere with it.

    Just like I understand why the crazies who support the 9/11 conspiracy idea do so with so much energy. IF the government did orchestrate those attacks (and they didn't), then that would be beyond atrocious.

    I'm just not sure this birth certificate thing has the traction necessary to continue the fight. But I'm one who is not that sure there was ever much of a story there in the first place.

    Could Obama put it to rest? Yes. Why doesn't he? Who knows. Maybe he has something to hide or maybe he's just dim. For example, why wait days before releasing that horrific New York Air Force One photo? The longer he waits the more it fuels those who think he has something to hide.

    I'm just not one to jump in with both feet on these kinds of things.