Monday, May 4, 2009

Joy Behar: "Do You Want To Be Waterboarded?" Ann Coulter: "Do you want to be aborted?"

Ann turns the you-favor-it-so-you-must-want-to-experience-it logic around on the insufferable Joy Behar.

Ann's point is well made. A person can favor a practice without actually wanting to experience for herself.

For example: I saw my wife go through labor. I never, ever want to experience that, but I still remain staunchly pro-birth.

Here is the full interview in two parts.

In the full interview you hear Behar object that Coulter's response is "quite a leap." I understand that the two concepts, interrogation and abortion, are not identical.

I mean, in one you pour some water up a guilty terrorist's nose then ask him some questions. In the other you chop an innocent baby to pieces, suck it down a drain no questions asked.

What do you think? Is Coulter's response "quite a leap" or does it illustrate her point sufficiently?

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