Thursday, May 7, 2009

Obama to Trim 0.46% of Proposed Budget

The Obama administration will reveal that the Obama intends to cut $17 billion of the proposed $3.69 trillion budget. This amounts to a mere 0.46% cut to the budget. But, as Heritage points out, this represents a 1,700,000% improvement over the paltry $100 million Obama told the cabinet to cut a few weeks ago.

The $17 billion cut is only half the size of George W. Bush's $34 billion in cuts from the 2008 budget.

So what exactly is being cut?

  • Half of the $17 billion will come through cuts in defense spending. You read that right. In the middle of two wars and military flare-ups around the globe, the Obama administration sees fit to cut $9 billion from the defense budget.
  • The other half comes from domestic programs.
  • $400 million will be cut from a program that reimburses states for enforcing federal immigration laws.
  • $66 million to entirely cut a literacy program for disadvantaged children and their parents.

Allow me to explain this like a liberal would if the president were a Republican proposing the same cuts. "Our buffoon of a president must feel threatened by school children who can read."

Now allow me to explain this like a conservative looking at a Democratic president. "Mr. President, you are proposing deficits that exceed the deficits of all the previous presidents from George Washington to George W. Bush combined and expect a 0.46% cut to actually help?"

The answer, of course, is that most of these cuts won't actually happen because the Democratic congress would never approve them. Correction: the democrats in congress would never allow for the non-defense cuts. They love cutting the military budget and undermining the country during a war.

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