Friday, May 29, 2009

Video: Katrina Pierson Invites Janeane Garafolo to the Dallas Tax Party

In case you missed it, here's Pierson's speech at the April 15th Dallas Tea Party.


  1. That's a great video. If Janine Garafalo weren't such a knee-jerk liberal, she might have thought about what she said before saying it. But she's obviously not about thinking through logical, reasoned arguments.

    Being a progressive, she's only about Saul Alinsky's ideas of isolate and ridicule. It's not debate, it's grade-school name calling.

    The reaction video only proves that civil debate is better than ridicule. Too bad the Mainstream Media won't give equal time to reason.

  2. Yeah Gerafalo hasn't had a thought cross her brain in years, if ever. Liberalism is the position of a single-cellular organism: stimulus-response.

    Criticize Obama? RACIST!
    Criticize Socialized Medicine? AGIST HATEMONGER!

    You get the idea.