Saturday, May 2, 2009

The Week in Review - April 26 - May 1

What a busy week in the world of politics. It started with Barack Obama's own plane, buzzing the tower in NYC.

Tuesday, Republican Senator Arlen Spector became Democrat Senator Arlen Spector and in many Republican circles he adopted the nickname "Benedict Arlen." Wednesday the creation itself rejoiced with the celebration of surviving 100 days of Obama. Rounding out the week, Justice Souter announced his retirement, opening up a seat for an Obama appointee on the high court. Any bets on whether this appointee will also have tax problems?

And on top of all of that, a pandemic. Just another week in the post-Obama world.

The top five articles this week were:
1. Top 20 Tea Party Signs (Again)
2. EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Footage from Inside Cockpit of Air Force One
3. 4 Shocking Things Obama Wants You to Pay For
4. Obama Terrorizes Lower Manhattan with Air Force One
5. Oops! Liberals Opposed Pandemic Response Plan in 2005

The poll this week asked:
How concerned are you about swine flu versus Obama as president?
11% were more concerned about swine flu
69% were more concerned about the Obama presidency
19% said they felt both represented the same level of pork

So there you have it: Obama is more terrifying than a global pandemic.

You heard it here first.

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Just remember: Democrats won their third election in 30 years. It's hardly fair to expect them to know what to do when they get there.

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