Monday, June 8, 2009

4 Signs That the Age of Obama May be Coming to an End

Just a quick run down of this day's events should have any Republican in breathless elation.

1. Republicans Take Control of NY Senate

In a move that would make the most shrewd parliamentarian proud, Republicans have, once again, taken control of the New York Senate! Seriously. Two Democrats, Pedro Espada Jr. of the Bronx and Hiram Monserrate of Queens both decided to join the Republican party. The New York Times, of course, calls it a "coup." The rest of the free world calls it "democracy," a concept foreign to the New York Times.

2. SCOTUS Puts Stay on Obama's Chrysler Plans
It's not clear what effect it will actually have, but Justice Ginsberg has put a temporary stay on Obama's plans for Chrysler. She may have simply delayed the inevitable sale of Chrysler, or the court could have created the time necessary for Fiat to pull out of the deal on June 15. What is important is that Obama's over-reaching is meeting the wrath of checks and balances. Let's see where it leads.

3. Obama Lags in Polls Concerning Federal Spending
A new Gallup poll shows that most Americans disapprove of Barack Obama when it comes to federal dollars and deficit spending. From Gallup:
While 67% of Americans view President Barack Obama favorably, his overall job approval rating and his ratings on specific areas are less positive. At the low end of the spectrum, only 45% of Americans approve of Obama's handling of federal spending, and 46% of his handling of the federal budget deficit.

4. Americans Trust GOP over Democrats on 6 of 10 Major Issues

Rusmussen reports that voters trust Republicans over Democrats on 6 out of 10 major issues. The following are quotes from Rasmussen's findings.
  • Non-affiliated voters trust the Republicans on ecnomoic issues by a two-to-one margin
  • Republicans also now hold a six-point lead on the issue of government ethics and corruption, the second most important issue to all voters and the top issue among unaffiliated voters.
  • The GOP now holds a 51% to 36% lead on [national security.]
  • [Republicans] also lead on the war in Iraq 45% to 37%
  • Republicans lead the Democrats on immigration for the third straight month, pulling ahead to a 35% to 29% advantage on the issue.
  • On taxes, the GOP leads the Democrats for the fifth straight month, 44% to 39%.
Democrats lead in the areas of health care, education, and social security and the parties are tied at 41% on the issue of abortion.

So there are four beacons of hope in this hopenchange era. Perhaps they are signs of change on the horizon.

Get ready, 2010 because the Republicans aren't dead. We're just reorganizing for a death-blow to the Democratic establishment.

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