Tuesday, June 16, 2009

5 things Obama Didn't Know (But Should've) - Number 4

4. Tea Parties? What Tea Parties?
Isn't it the worst when you're the last person to find out about a party? It's like the people throwing it didn't really want you there, but when you do finally hear about it the party, you just play it off with a "Well, I can't make it anyway since I already have this... other... thing......"

Then you cry yourself to sleep thinking of how this misunderstanding could have happened just because your friends got a little upset with you because you took their money, spent all of it, then maxed out all of your credit cards, and then went back to your them again begging for just a little bit more to make ends meet.

On April 15, 2009 over half-a-million American citizens gathered at "Tea Parties" in protest of the astronomical spending taking place by the Federal Government. When reporters asked for the White House's response to the nation-wide protests, the President stated that he was unaware of any tea parties. Ohh... I guess his invitation got lost in the mail.

But shouldn't the President at least be aware that a group of people the size of Denver is rising up in peaceful protest of his policies? Is he really that out of touch, or he was just playing down the enormity of the event. "Umm... Yeah.. I have something to do that day anyway..."

This is the second part of a five-post series. Be sure to check back each day this week as I count down the 5 Things Obama Didn't Know (But Should've)


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  2. Attention Obama. There will be Tea Parties on the Fourth of July. While you're entertaining Iranians, we will be protesting your failed presidency. If you have time, stop by. You can protest your regime with us.