Saturday, June 6, 2009

65 Years After D-Day, Google Honors... Tetris?

The words of the Dallas local radio host, Mark Davis "Good God, man!" To get the full effect, you have to say those words in the most dramatic, Shatneresque voice you can muster when you click on your homepage to see this.

On the 65th anniversary of D-Day when around 10,000 allied forces lost their lives, Google chooses to honor the second-greatest time-waster for corporations world wide: Tetris. (The number one greatest time-waster is, of course, meetings.)

I'm determined to be optimistic about Google's choice though. I've decided that the little green bar represents the allied forces invading occupied France (represented by the yellow pieces, of course.) The red bricks are our allied paratroopers making headway on disrupting the German defenses, seen in blue. And those light blue...

Okay this isn't working. How about this solution:

HEY GOOGLE! Get down on your feeble, vegetarian, pansy knees and THANK GOD the United States in 1944 wasn't filled with people like you!

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