Monday, June 22, 2009

Back from Vacation

We had a great trip to the coast last week and while I was gone, the whole world was set ablaze by the Iranian election, I see. I've been trying to catch up on everything that has happened, but so much has happened, it's taking me a while to process everything.

On Friday I had scheduled the final post of the 5-part series on "Things Obama didn't Know (But Should've)" and for some reason blogger failed to publish it.

So here it is: The Number One Thing Obama Didn't Know (But Should've)

Thanks for the comments and for reading all the posts last week in the midst of some major news-happenings. I hope I was able to offer a slight reprieve from all the heavy events of the past week.

On a more serious note:
I know I have had hits from Iran and I have this message for anyone over there who might come across this page -

Freedom to speak one's mind
Freedom to determine one's own course in life
Freedom to hear other points of view
Freedom to democratically elect leaders
Freedom to live a life in peace without fear
Freedom to move, work and play at will
Freedom is worth the cost.
Oceans of blood have been spilled
In the protection of Freedom around the globe
Fathers and mothers have given everything
For their children to breathe Freedom's air
The price of Freedom is high, but never forget
Freedom is worth the cost.

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