Monday, June 29, 2009

Professional Courtesy: Honduran President Overstepping Authority Protected By American President

Professional courtesy is not dead. The Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, who happens to be buddy-buddy with Hugo Chavez, attempted to ram a policy through that would remove term limits from his presidency. Sound familiar? Yeah, that's what Chavez has been trying to do in Venezuela for years.

After Zelaya violated a mandate from the Honduran Supreme Court to stop seeking the term-limit rule change, the military refused to follow Zelaya's orders to carry out the vote. As president, what do you do when people in your government start acting in ways that make you look bad? You illegally fire them, of course; as Obama did with IG Walpin, Zelaya did with the head of his military.

The Honduran Supreme Court then ordered that the military arrest Zelaya, which the military carried out and exiled him to Costa Rica.

As Barack Obama is not one to meddle in the actions of a sovereign nation (i.e. Iran), he simply kept an eye on the situation and did not get involved. Oh wait...
"The Obama administration and members of the Organization of American States had worked for weeks to try to avert any moves to overthrow President Zelaya, said senior U.S. officials. Washington's ambassador to Honduras, Hugo Llorens, sought to facilitate a dialogue between the president's office, the Honduran parliament and the military.

The efforts accelerated over the weekend, as Washington grew increasingly alarmed. "The players decided, in the end, not to listen to our message," said one U.S. official involved in the diplomacy. On Sunday, the U.S. embassy here tried repeatedly to contact the Honduran military directly, but was rebuffed. Washington called the removal of President Zelaya a coup and said it wouldn't recognize any other leader."

So as people fight and die for their freedom in Iran, Obama wants to have a hands-off approach, but when a Latin-American president seeks to adopt dictatorial status, Obama sides with Chavez and Castro in condemning his ousting.


Some have seen this as an inconsistency, but not I. In Iran the people fighting for liberty are seeking to overthrow a government that has overstepped its bounds, and Obama cannot abide such insubordination. In Honduras the government overthrew a president who was attempting to overstep its bounds, and this makes Obama a little nervous.

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  1. The media is totaly ignoring the little fact that this was done under the consitution of Honduras. The military didn't just decide to take over, the Supreme court ordered them to remove the President for overstepping his authority.