Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Islamists Answer Obama's Rhetoric by Blowing Up a Hotel

Mere days after Obama described Islam in this way "Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality," Islamists prove him wrong by blowing up a hotel in Pah-key-stahn that is frequented by foreigners. So far the death toll is 16 with an additional 70 wounded. Both numbers may rise as the search for survivors continues

In the realm of international politics this is equivalent to sitting down for peace talks where you make your plea for a treaty and the members of the opposing side fire a bullet mere inches from your head. It should be clear that the call for peace in this fight is one-sided.

It should be equally clear that peace will only be achieved when the militant elements of Islamic fundamentalism are rooted out and brought to justice.

Two big questions remain:
1) How will Obama respond to this attack considering it flies in the face of everything he talked about in his speech in Cairo?
2) How can we better pronounce the names of Middle Eastern places and people groups so as not to provoke these types of attacks?

Everyone together now, let's practice: Pah-key-stahn, Tah-li-bahn, Repeat!

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