Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update: Dems in NY Senate Lock Doors Not Allowing Work to Proceed

I briefly wrote about this the other day, but on Monday Republicans surprisingly took control of the New York State Senate. What they failed to recognize was that their Democratic counterparts are actually a bunch of 5-year-old school girls (with my apologies to 5-year-old school girls everywhere).

When they arrived at the Senate chambers on Tuesday morning, the Republican Senators found that the doors to the chambers had been locked. No word on whether there was a note stating that the Democrats had, in fact, taken their ball and gone home, but I'm looking into it.

Republicans decried the move as unconstitutional. Befuddled Democrats, apparently unfamiliar with the document, responded by saying, "Unconsti-what?"

As a native Texan, these kinds of things are not that strange for us. A few years ago our legislature was set to vote on a redistricting plan. When it came time to vote 51 Democrats failed to show up, which stopped the vote for lack of a quorum. They didn't just fail to show up though. They had fled 300 miles north to Oklahoma for 5 days. Two months later, when the vote came up again, 11 of them did the same thing, only this time they fled 700 miles to Albuquerque, New Mexico and stayed for 6 weeks!

Moral of the story: When they don't get their way, Democrats reveal themselves to be the whining little crybabies they actually are.

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