Monday, July 27, 2009

Is Performing a Cover-up?

Last week I posted that $1.2 million of the stimulus money went to purchase 2 pounds of frozen ham. (Yes, the federal government bought ham at $600,000 per pound.)

I was looking for the transaction again on the website and couldn't find it, so I clicked the link from my original post only to find that the entire transaction had been changed.

In the section titled "Description of Work/Service Performed" it used to read "2 lbs frozen ham, sliced," but now it reads "shell eggs." I'm not sure that's an improvement, but the question is why did it change?

Thankfully when you mouse over the transaction at the bottom of the page you can still find out how much pork (pun intended) your federal government bought with $1.2 million of your money.

Click the image for the full screen shot.

Why did the transaction description change? Why does it still have the original description as a mouse-over?

And the lingering question is this: Is performing a cover-up concerning how your tax dollars are spent?

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