Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama Needs to Keep His Friends Close, His Enemies Closer, and Democratic Congressmen Closer Still

Barack Obama is learning that he needs to keep his friends close, his enemies closer, and Democrats in congress closer still. If he lets them run off on recess in a couple of weeks, they will hear the cries of freedom-loving constituents decrying Barry's health care plan and come back to Washington as changed men and women.

And that's certainly not change he can believe in.

Senator DeMint struck a solid blow with his Waterloo comment concerning Barack Obama's health care plan. DeMint said,

"Senators and Congressmen will come back in September afraid to vote against the American people this health care issue Is D-Day for freedom in America. If we’re able to stop Obama on this it will be his Waterloo. It will break him."

Initially, Obama argued against DeMint's comment claiming, "It's not about me."

But, now that Barry has had a few days to consider DeMint's statement, it seems the two men actually do see eye to eye. Health care IS his Waterloo.

Grassley said he spoke with a Democratic House member last week who shared Obama's bleak reaction during a private meeting to reports that some factions of House Democrats were lining up to stall or even take down the overhaul unless leaders made major changes.

"Let's just lay everything on the table," Grassley said. "A Democrat congressman last week told me after a conversation with the president that the president had trouble in the House of Representatives, and it wasn't going to pass if there weren't some changes made ... and the president says, 'You're going to destroy my presidency.' "
When Obama agrees with DeMint, you either know that it's downright balmy in hell, or that for the briefest of moments Obama has had a moment of clarity in which he realizes that he is not politically immortal.

We must all understand, on the left and the right, that this is not about the person of Barack Obama. This fight is about maintaining free markets and keeping the role of the government where it should be: a substantial distance from any personal decision.

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