Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Republicans Should Propose a Month-long Tribute to Michael Jackson in the House

Dorian Davis at Hip Hop Republican proposes the idea that Republicans should insist on a month-long tribute to the King of Pop. At first it seems like a waste, but Dorian explains:
I’d do the one thing I could to postpone Democrats’ spending spree: a month-long Jackson tribute. Rather than mocking last month’s House moment of silence(Link: to honor the King of Pop, as Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) did in requesting another one for jobs lost to the Clean Energy bill, I’d prolong it! I’d stream Jackson’s funeral from the Staples Center. I’d enter his music into the Congressional record. If Democrats tried to stop me, I’d just call them insensitive to African Americans and go right on with the program. Whatever it took to stall.

If National Journal is right that House Democrats plan to introduce a health care reform bill before Congress’ August recess, King and other Republicans will have to resort to some “off the wall” tactics - absent a Senate filibuster - and a Jackson tribute is not a bad idea.
Personally, I love procedural side-stepping ideas like this, but the Republicans never seem to be able to pull these things off well. They had better learn to play a little rough or we're all screwed until 2010. The value of this post is that Dorian makes a great point concerning alternative ideas to influence policy without any sort of filibuster threat in the Senate.

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