Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Obama: "I'm not keeping an enemies list. I'm making your email public domain."

Megyn Kelly goes after White House deputy secretary Bill Burton on the emails Americans are supposed to be sending to the White House to rat out their friends who oppose the democrats' health plan. Predictably Burton refuses to answer the question, but the payoff comes at 3:30 when Megyn drops the hammer on Burton and explains to him how it is, in fact, illegal for the White House to purge and delete the emails they receive under the Presidential Records Act of 1974.

Additionally, any emails received will eventually enter into the public record. And don't think "eventually" means sometime in the far distant future when you are dead and gone. No, they become public domain five years after the president's administration.

So as best as I can tell, the email you sent to your aunt Sue, which she forwarded to could become part of the public record as soon as 2017. Do you think you might have to interview for a job in 2017? Do you think they would be interested on where you stood on the health plan?

I like the way Ed at HotAir put it:
"Either they’re completely incompetent at the most basic New Media task — that of following RSS feeds — or they’re paranoid and want to turn Americans into snitches on political dissent. Even Nixon had the good sense to build his own enemies list."

Don't forget to be adding to any spam-sending sites you can find. They'll appreciate your concern.

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