Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Video Round-up: If You Don't Like the Heat, Get Out of the Town Hall

Hey look! More people who like the idea of an Obama failure!

Specter and Sebelius get an earful in Philadelphia

"Just Say No!"

Rep. Steve Kagen gets an earful at his "listening session." Thanks to Michelle Malkin for this one.

Steve Driehaus (D-OH) Gets to know his constituency a little better. Ed at HotAir tells us, "You know how to tell that your town-hall meeting was a flop? Your constituents start chanting to vote for … the guy you beat in the last election. Former Rep. Steve Chabot lost OH-01 by 15,000 votes last November, but at least some of those voters may be feeling nostalgic for Chabot about now." Ouch! [CAUTION: THE AUDIO ON THIS IS PRETTY POOR]

Rep. Tim Bishop(D-NY)claims the VA system works well, then gets called out by an actual veteran who disagrees with him. The goods start at about the 1:20 mark, but notice the large crowd who could not get into the tiny meeting hall. At the 6:50 mark Bishop says "nobody is talking about the government taking over health care," which the crowd apparently does not believe. If you need a drinking game to get through Bishop's explanations, take a shot each time he rolls his eyes at his own constituents.

(Part 2 of the Bishop town hall) This one starts out better than the last one. Bishop says the primary role of the government is "to provide for the common good." The crowd replies almost in one voice, "no it's to provide freedom." Nice.

This guy, deserves his own post!

I'm still looking for video of this, but you can read Steven Portnoy's first hand report of a town hall meeting with Frank Kratovil. It was supposed to be one-on-one meetings with constituents, but when an overwhelming number of people showed up demanding meet with the congressman in the open rather than behind closed doors, it turned into a town hall meeting.

Of course the Congress doesn't want it's own health care plan. They already have great health care.... just like the rest of us.

Keep checking this page during the August recess of congress as I will be updating with videos whenever I come across something new from one of the many town hall meetings taking place.

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