Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Whew! Obama Claims Gov. Health Care Will be Like the Post Office

Remember that time you excitedly told your spouse, "I'll be right back, dear! I get to go to the post office to mail some letters!" And knowing that the line is never long, the workers are always cheerful and excited to serve you, and you have confidence that your letter bills will get there on time, you set out for a wonderful journey.

Yeah, I don't remember that either.

So let me get this straight, Barry. We should be in favor of government health care because it won't shut out private insurance programs just like the post office didn't shut out private mail options? I would like to see what the market share is for the U.S. Postal Service versus the private alternatives. Then I would like to see which ones are actually turning a profit.

Oh wait. I have my answer. A mere week ago, this article appeared on MSN's website with the headline "Post office mulls closing hundreds of offices: Postal agency is facing a nearly $7 billion potential loss."

So don't worry kiddos, the health program that Obama is promoting will be run every bit as efficiently as the US Postal Service! Feel better now?

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