Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ACORN Video Number Four; This One Drops a Train on ACORN and Several Government Officials

I promise you will watch this video with your mouth agape from start to finish. We've almost gotten used to ACORN condoning tax fraud, prostitution, money laundering, illegal immigration, and underage sex rings.

Now they throw murder and threats of violence into the mix.

Don't miss the part where the ACORN worker lists people whose names you probably recognize.

The ACORN worker connects these names with corruption having obtained their finances from "bootlegging and prostitution."
President Barack Obama
The Kennedy's (No surprise here. Teddy served 4 decades after he killed a girl." And Joseph Kennedy was a known bootlegger who used his political power to make millions of dollars in whiskey trade as prohibition ended and the Kennedy family still receives a portion of the duty levied on Scotch imports.

Who are these people who she claims she speaks with "every day?"
Gloria Negrete McLeod, 32nd District
She mentions the name "Torres." Could this be Norma J. Torres of the 61st District?
Wilmer Amina Carter, Assemblywoman, 62nd District
Rep. Joe Baca, 43rd District (D-CA)
Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA)

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