Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Breaking: ACORN Suspends Operations

ACORN announced a suspension of operations today after the release of four damaging videos that have been released. ACORN claims that it will no longer advise new clients while it performs an internal audit of procedures.

On the one hand this is a huge win for Andrew Breitbart, Fox News, and the citizen-journalists who produced these videos. On the other hand, it is nothing permanent and will likely create no permanent changes to the organization.

You cannot trust the criminals to audit themselves. Like Michael Corleone, the leaders of ACORN are publicly taking the baptismal vows denying Satan and all his works while their organization continues to operate illicit schemes.

This type of corruption requires a congressional investigation and legal action. We must know which politicians are tied in with ACORN. How does the money move through the organization? How is ACORN connected with SEIU? What other illicit activities are tax payers funding through this organization?

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