Friday, September 11, 2009

Glenn Beck Speaks Out Against ACORN and the Media

There goes Glenn again talking crazy talk. Nothing he ever said amounted to anything anyway, right Van Jones?

Yesterday Beck revealed this video to us along with Andrew Breitbart.

I hope ACORN goes down for this. I hope the whole country turns against this foul organization. An organization like this is a cancer to our country.

And yet, as of 2:35 this morning, only and have this as a top story about this on their homepages. (Click for bigger versions.)

ABC feels it fits just beneath "Cell Phone Radiation: 10 Best and Worst." And FAR below "Cannonball Beats Recession," which sounds more like a funky version of Rock Paper Scissors than an actual headline. Wow.

MSNBC believes the story has the significance of "We must rethink Obesity" and "Runner has male and female sex organs." Unbelievable.

Where are you MSNBC? Still waiting in the back room of the Oval office in a little blue dress, no doubt.

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  1. Why again don't we view the network news?
    What a joke, the not funny kind.