Friday, September 11, 2009

It Only Takes Two Words to Steer the Health Care Debate

Whether it's a brilliant rhetorical move or merely evidence of Obama's weakness when dealing with critics, two words have now twice thrust the health care debate into new directions.

Two words have once again shaped the landscape of the health care debate. Sarah Palin introduced the first two words with her Facebook note that spoke of the "death panels." This August 7 posting became a talking point for the month of August and was repeated at town halls nationwide. The death panels remain part of the discussion as late as Obama's speech to a joint session of congress as evidenced by the President's personal attacks against the now-private citizen, Sarah Palin.

In a serendipitous flow of events, immediately following his attack on Sarah Palin, President Obama defended against the charge that his health bill would provide health care for illegal aliens. This comment sparked the next two-word phrase that would direct the debate. Rep. Joe Wilson (D-SC) cried out "You lie!" with that the President's 6,000 word speech was commandeered by Rep. Wilson's two-word retort.

Be it "death panels" or "you lie," the health care discussion is easily swayed. Keep it up ladies and gentlemen. We've got these Democrats on the ropes.

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