Friday, September 25, 2009

Left-Wing Violence Reaches Boiling Point at G20

Yesterday a group of anti-capitalists joined forces to protest the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh, PA. The police broke them up because, here's a shock for you, the anarchists didn't have a permit! Well, the AP calls this "a group of anarchists," but we know who this really is and I think I can prove it. Just to get a feel for how this group approaches the art of protest, here's a description from the AP.

Protesters split into smaller groups. Some rolled large metal trash bins toward police, and a man in a black hooded sweat shirt threw rocks at a police car, breaking the front windshield. Protesters broke 10 windows in a few businesses, including a bank branch, a Boston Market restaurant and a BMW dealership, police said.
The AP concludes that the group is a collection of anarchists because they were holding anarchy symbols. However, if you saw a group of people holding signs that said, "No borders. No banks," "No Hope in Capitalism," and "Kick capitalism while it's down!" wouldn't you think this was either the Michael Moore fan club or a gathering from your local young Democrats club?

And who do we find at the protest?

Billy Talen - Where to start? I'll let his wiki page explain it to you if you're interested. If you want the twitter description: "A questionably insane liberal activist who uses often illegal public disturbances to get his message across."

T.J. Amick - This guy might actually be an anarchist. His facebook page says he like sour gummy bears, Adam Sandler, and he has the Ramen Noodles app installed. I think he showed up at the protest because he heard there was a 60% chance of weed.

The National Lawyers Guild - The article describes them as "a liberal legal-aid group," so I'm thinking they're probably not anarchists.

Stephon Boatwright - According to his Facebook page he is a fan of "The Socialist Party USA" (AKA unlikely an "anarchist"). I dare you to look at their website. Aside from the terrible layout and overuse of red, it could easily double as a website for a Democrat PAC. In case you were wondering, they do favor universal health care, which seems to be the opposite of anarchy, right?

So the tally at the end of the day is one socialist, one crazy person (counts as a liberal), one liberal legal defense group, and one normal-sounding dude (possibly an anarchist.)

So you're probably wondering how I could see this protest as a group of leftist radicals. You see, liberals are often found at events like this because they can rarely tell the difference between anarchy, socialism, and their own positions because the liberal position falls somewhere in the middle of socialism and anarchy.

Remember Amanda Duzak from just a few weeks ago? She's the environmental activist who challenged Michael Steele in order to promote universal medicine. Then her MySpace page had a picture of her holding an anarchy symbol at a protest.

The mind of a liberal is a sad and confused place.

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