Friday, September 4, 2009

Student Who Yelled at Steele: "I Want Government Health Care... and Anarchy!"

Steele handled the disruption to his talk at Howard University quite well. A white student named Amanda Duzak stood up and started shouting at the black Michael Steele.

It's hard to hear in the video, but she is saying something about her mother passing away six months ago of cancer due to her mother's inability to purchase the prescription medicine to treat her cancer.

In his lengthy response, Steele implies that she's mostly concerned with getting on TV. Mere days later, she was on MSNBC recounting her interaction with Steele.

Riehl World View has already learned a lot about this environmental activist, Amanda Duzak.

Okay, so we get it. Another college student who's majoring in Environmental Policy and Political Science at Towson University wants socialized medicine. No shock there.

But I do have one question. How good would your mother's health care have been if we had been operating under anarchy, Amanda?

(via Amanda Duzak's MySpace)

So which is it Amanda? Total government control of people's lives or no government whatsoever?


  1. Amanda's typical of the Far Left: doesn't know what she wants, and won't be happy with what she gets, until it brutalizes her...and she'll still blame conservatives, because she took full advantage of neglecting a decent education for feelgoodobamics. She's actually an argument to support abortion, sadly.

  2. Like Ms. Duzak, I studied political science at Towson.

    Like Ms. Duzak, cancer has taken family members of mine.

    Like Ms. Duzak, I call myself an anarchist.

    Unlike Ms. Duzak, I personally have cancer.

    Unlike Ms. Duzak, even though I am destitute, I do not support the existence of government intervention in or regulation of healthcare. In fact, I do not support the existence of the state apparatus at all. Unlike Ms. Duzak, I do not simply call myself an anarchist--I am one.