Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Video: Inside the Cult of Obama

When liberals try to do religion they inevitably screw it up. I don't remember this one in the prayer book.

They should stick with what they know:
1) defending child rapists
2) killing the unborn
3) associating with anarchists

(Via Hot Air and Breitbart)

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  1. What's wrong with associating with anarchists? I tried clicking the link to learn what's wrong with associating with anarchists, but your link was about a person who incorrectly calls herself an anarchist while supporting massive government intervention into the lives of individuals. We actual anarchists merely wish to see society ascend into a peaceful, stateless society in which individuals are free to live their lives however they like so long as they do not initiate (or threaten to initiate) force or fraud against the person or justly-acquired property of others. We actual anarchists recognise that government-run monopolies (from government-funded schools to government-funded charities to government-funded post offices to government-funded roads to government-funded courts to government-funded police) are always more expensive than their free-market counterparts, and always provide inferior service as well. We are realistic; we recognise that life will not be perfect even in an anarchy. But, no social organisation will ever be "perfect," and aiming at perfection is utopian and naive. Rather, we ought to aim for a best-possible social organisation, not a perfect organisation. Either way, statism has proved an abysmal failure for millannia. So, I humbly suggest we give peace, love, anarchy, natural law, and free-market capitalism a chance. It can't be worse than statism, especially considering that governments over just the past century have killed more people than have been killed previously throughout all history.