Monday, September 14, 2009

Where Was the Freak-out as 9-12 Protests Approached Inauguration Numbers

On Saturday the 9-12 protests drew 1-2 million people to the nation's capital. The numbers have been debated, but I think this video shows the massive volume of people in DC that day.

I understand the Tea Party numbers were unexpected (organizers expected 200,000 to be the upper limit), but a problem in reporting remains.

When 1.5 million people came to see Barack Obama's inauguration, the media broadcast their concerns for weeks leading up to the event. Was the DC transit system up to the task? Where will they all sleep, eat and relieve themselves?

I understand the logistics of a week long inaugural celebration are different than a protest march, but could it be that the concerns over civil engineering surrounding the inauguration were overstated?

Then again, maybe not. Compare these photos from "CLEAN Conservatives vs FILTHY Liberals-- A Photographic Essay" (Via Gateway Pundit)

Washington DC after 2 million Conservatives

Washington DC after 2 million liberals

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