Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Change: Obama Lost More Jobs Since Election than Bush Did in Eight Years

This chart shows the monthly unemployment percentages since 1999 from Bill Parson's
2010 campaign website

Let's compare the unemployment rate at the time of Bush's election with the unemployment rate when Obama was elected.

November 2000 - 3.9%
November 2008 - 6.8%
Total percentage lost - 2.9%

From the election of George W. Bush until the election of Barack Obama the unemployment rate rose 2.9%. (Bush wasn't actually declared the winner of the 2000 election until December of 2000, but the rate was the same for December, too.)

Now look at Obama's record from his election to the present. The chart is a bit outdated as it does not show September's unemployment rate of 9.8%.

November 2008 - 6.8%
September 2009 - 9.8%
Total percentage lost - 3.0%

What this means is that in the 11 months since Obama's election, he has lost more jobs for America than Bush did in the eight years of his presidency. Bush saw the unemployment rate rise by 2.9% over eight years while Barack Obama saw the unemployment rate rise by 3.0% in merely 11 months.

Change indeed.

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