Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hey Rep. Grayson, Run Along While the Grown-ups Talk Politics

One week ago you probably would have thought "Rep. Who?" but today you recognize Alan Grayson's name as "that guy from the video saying Republicans want you to die." That was the whole point though. Rep. Grayson saw a chance to get invited to some morning talk shows and maybe mentioned on some blogs; all he had to do is waste time on the House floor with his little stand-up routine.

How cute. Next he went on said morning shows and continued in his iron-clad health care argument of "Republicans are dumb." (Seriously, when will liberals come up with something new?) Warning: Full-frontal James Carville at 3:16.

Let's assume his fictitious  44,000 people die each year "due to lack of health care" is accurate. He then explains that number saying "that's over 4,000 people almost every month." Do the math 44,000 divided by 12 is 3,666.6. That's not "over 4,000 people almost every month" (whatever that even means) in fact, it's under 4,000 every month. Don't blame Grayson for his poor math skills though because it's the Republicans who are the dumb "neanderthals", right?

Before you start saying "one death is too many" remember that there is a federal law that requires emergency rooms to treat anyone who comes in their door.

To be fair, Wolf "lowest score on Jeopardy" Blitzer does attempt to call Grayson down when he resorts to simple name-calling instead of debating the facts.

Congressman Grayson, why don't you run on home to Disney World while the grown-ups talk politics because you're not adding anything to this dialogue as it is.

Correction: I misquoted Rep. Grayson in critiquing his math skills. I originally quoted his figure as 47,000 people who die each year due to lack of health coverage, but he actually said 44,000 people. As it turns out this makes his math even worse. It has been corrected in the body to reflect the numbers he cited.

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